We’re in This Together in Prayer

I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; incline your ear to me; hear my words.

Psalm 17:6

We trust that families and churches are in prayer for the worldwide COVID-19 health and economic crisis. TPS would also like to give students worldwide a chance to work together in prayer and ask God to stop the virus, heal the damage and comfort the hurting. TPS has enough students and staff and friends from enough countries and time zones to “pray without ceasing” until this darkness passes.

We’ve set up a calendar of 15-min blocks for the entire day every day. We invite TPS students, teachers, friends, and families to take blocks that work for your schedule in your time zone and dedicate those short blocks to undistracted prayer.

  • Pray for health, healing and the end of the virus.
  • Pray for jobs, budgets and economies at the individual, family, national and worldwide level.
  • Pray for wisdom for leaders.
  • Pray on your own or with others. If you want to pray with others, you are welcome to use the TPS Prayer Meeting Room. (Particularly if you are with others, please put aside nationalism or politics for the duration of the prayer time.)
  • Tell your friends and fill the open times with prayer.

Sign up for your prayer times here:


We’re in this together in prayer.

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