TPS Honduras 2020 Trip – 3 Missions, 2 Villages, 1 Vision!

Mar 30 Update

As travel restrictions persist and increase, planning this trip is not feasible in the current situation. We have reluctantly decided to cancel this trip for 2020.

Past participants of the TPS Honduras trip have said…

“I was a short-missions-trip skeptic in the sense that I did not just want an “experience.” I wanted confirmation that God was calling me to serve long term. He confirmed that longing with abundant clarity every time I scooped up a child, felt uncomfortable speaking Spanish, out of breath kicking soccer balls, or ill-equipped for the day’s work. The trip was organized, purposed, planned (down to the minute) and because of that the team was able to rest assured that we knew the next thing on the schedule, be on time, and more fully able to serve wholeheartedly. I believe we used the resources God provided to the best of our abilities. When it came time to say good-bye, I knew I had grown, I had been able to love in a way that reflected Christ, and I had not just had an “experience.” If it was about me, it would have been an experience. If it had been about the experience, the people would have stopped trusting us years ago. But the people in Las Flores and San Antonio didn’t stop trusting us. By God’s grace and the humble opportunity to be His hands and feet and lips, the people heard Christ and wept to see us go as we wept to say good bye to our brothers and sister in Christ.”

Show me some pics!

On our Facebook site, here are some photos from Honduras 2019 (there are photos from prior trips too).

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