TPS (virtual) Graduation 2021

TPS (virtual) Graduation 2021

Looking for the TPS (virtual) Graduation 2021 information? You’re in the right place!

The TPS Graduation 2021 ceremony was Fri Jun 11 at 7 pm ET. View the ceremony recording and the handouts:

TPS Graduation 2021 Ceremony (recording)

TPS Graduation 2021 Program

Meet the TPS Graduation 2021 Graduates (large document)

What is TPS (virtual) Graduation 2021?

In “normal” years we hold our graduation ceremony in person on the last night of our summer camp. The summer camp is always full to capacity with students from around the world, and the graduation stage is packed more than two rows deep. But in 2021 the COVID travel and gathering limitation are still prevalent so we have reluctantly canceled summer camp for 2021 and we are planning our second (and hopefully last) all-virtual graduation ceremony. This page is the place to come for information, updates, registration (when it opens), and access to join the ceremony and celebration.

When is TPS (virtual) Graduation 2021?

Friday, June 11, 2021 at 7 pm ET

Where will TPS (virtual) Graduation 2021 take place?

It will be hosted on Zoom, a live video-conferencing application, in a secure moderated gathering (recording from 2020 is below).

Who may attend TPS (virtual) Graduation 2021?

First priority is given to family members and invited guests of the graduates, then TPS teachers and staff, and then other TPS students, families and extended friends of graduates or of TPS. Cameras, audio and other participation will be allowed only for graduation ceremony participants — all others will be observers of the live ceremony.

What is included in TPS (virtual) Graduation 2021?

  • Beautiful virtual ceremony with active student and parent participation, including caps, gowns, honor and award tassels, speakers, “processions”, diploma presented by parent , and more. (Note that there is a short practice ceremony for grads and parents around one day before the event.)
  • Professional quality event program (PDF document) available at the ceremony and suitable for keeping or printing.
  • Slide show (played during the ceremony) featuring life photos from all graduates.
  • “About Me” pages for each graduate compiled into a document available at the ceremony (suitable for keeping or printing).
  • “Graduate Gathering” (Zoom virtual with cameras) before the ceremony, for graduates to work on “about me” items and speeches, and to enjoy friends and have fun.

The 2020 versions of these items are linked below for your review.

How do I participate in TPS (virtual) Graduation 2021?

Click on the flyer below to see the options for flipping pages, zooming in, and downloading. All 2021 details and links are in the flyer.