TPS Graduation 2021 – In-Person or Virtual?

TPS Graduation .
In-person or Virtual?

In “normal” years we hold our graduation ceremony in person on the last night of our summer camp. The summer camp is always full to capacity with students from around the world, and the graduation stage is packed more than two rows deep. But 2020 was not a “normal” year, so we reluctantly canceled summer camp and then provided a great virtual graduation ceremony. We’re waiting to see how things go in 2021 before we decide which version of graduation will best serve our loyal students. We’ll keep you updated through our usual methods (StudyPlace, newsletter) and on this page.

In the meantime, here are links to both “versions” of the 2020 graduation — the in-person one that didn’t happen and the virtual one that did. Each link includes flyers, programs, detailed plans, and fees, plus pictures and videos from prior similar graduation events. Each one gives you a sense of how that version looks and feels as a family-centered experience that is a wonderful blend of faith, family and school. In providing you the details for both options, we hope that you will decide to reserve Friday June 11, 2021, to graduate with TPS regardless of whether it is in-person or virtual. Even if you already participate in a local ceremony, you are welcome to join the TPS Graduation 2021 ceremony too.

TPS Graduation 2020 (in-person)

TPS Graduation 2020 (virtual)