TPS Graduation 2019 is the evening of Friday June 7 on the last night of the TPS Summer Camp. TPS provides a professional-quality graduation experience with a family emphasis:

  • Beautiful formal ceremony with active student and parent participation, including caps, gowns, honor and award tassels, speakers, processions, diploma presented by parent (or teacher if parent not present), and more.
  • Hosted reception for graduates, families and friends.
  • Professional portrait of each graduate, plus family portraits if family is present.
  • Slide show featuring life photos from all graduates.
  • Storyboard (“About Me”) prepared by each graduate and displayed at the reception.
  • “Graduate Gatherings” before the ceremony, for graduates to work on storyboards and speeches, and to enjoy friends and have fun.

Scroll down to see photos, the ceremony program booklet, and a video of the TPS Graduation 2018 ceremony. Even if you already have a local or state graduation ceremony, please consider participating in this memorable event with your TPS friends in 2019!

TPS Graduation 2018 Photos, Program and Video

MMR’s photography team takes photos and portraits of grads and families as part of the event. Afterward they are uploaded for viewing or purchase. Please go here for the 2018 photos.

Immediately below is the program for TPS Graduation 2018. The 2019 program will be similar. Click on the program to see the options for flipping pages, zooming in, and downloading.


Here is a video of the entire TPS Graduation 2018 ceremony (credit: Joseph Ford).

TPS Graduation 2019 Information

Click on the flyer below to see the options for flipping pages, zooming in, and downloading. All 2019 details and links are in the flyer.