TPS France 2020 Trip – Bible Camps + French Culture and History!

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Mar 30 Update

As travel restrictions persist and increase, planning this trip is not feasible in the current situation. We have reluctantly decided to cancel this trip for 2020.

Original Plan

Past participants of the TPS France trip have said…

“If you enjoy French culture and are looking for an opportunity to serve on a short-term service trip that will challenge you personally then this trip is for you.”

“The trip leaders were very organized and made sure every detail was covered. They kept track of where we were and what was happening at the moment and what would happen next. They also lived out their faith in such real ways that were admirable and encouraging. The devotions they led were strong and thought-provoking, and the conversations I was able to have with them about God always encouraged me and helped me to refocus or gain a new perspective on Him.”

“There are so many things I loved about the trip, but there is one moment that definitely stands out – seeing the kids hear the gospel for the first time. I will never forget the range of emotions that I had the privilege to witness – how the kids gasped and were distressed about Jesus’ death and their amazement at His resurrection. Being able to experience God’s work first-hand in their lives will always be more special than words can say.”

“I know I did not even see half of what the leaders did to make this trip run smoothly. However, their hard work was apparent because everything did run so smoothly.”

“It was fun having the opportunity to try new food in France, especially the dishes that we learned about in the TPS French classes.”

“The lodgings were excellent. Marseille was absolutely breathtaking – I loved staying in the old fort by the water.”

“This trip encouraged and challenged my faith and relationship with God as it caused me to depend on Him even more each day. I was challenged on a deep, personal level through the devotions and obstacles that I would face each day during the camps. From tiny trials like forgetting how to do something to bigger issues like a misbehaving child, I felt God stretching, growing, and teaching me throughout the entire trip. it forced me to really put into practice all the lessons and things I’ve learned from the Bible. I had to rely on Him more for strength, grace, and wisdom each moment.”

Show me some pics!

On our Facebook site, here are some photos from France 2018 (there are photos from prior trips too).

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