TPS China Trip – Camps, kids, pandas, and a Great Wall!

TPS China 2019 Video

TPS China 2019 Trip Video (credit: Morgan Hirchert)

2022 Trip?

Due to travel restrictions and concerns for visiting China, there is currently no 2022 trip being planned.

Background Information

Ni Hao! Since 2012, TPS has led more than ten student and parent trips to China. These are great opportunities to experience the rich culture of this unique nation while working with young kids to teach them English and alongside teens and parents in a cross-cultural exchange. The many testimonies we have collected from teen and adult TPS China participants over the years all say that this trip is one of the most enriching, educational and enjoyable experiences of their lives. Many participants have made the trip more than once, and some have gone for many years.

This trip is around 20 days in the middle of July, so it works well for high school students, college students and parents. The trip includes two major cities (Chengdu and Beijing) that are in different cultural regions where each has the historical status of being a capital city. The trip also includes tours of the most iconic China historic sites, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, panda preserve, and more. The staff who lead the trip bring many years of knowledge of and appreciation for China, based on years of living in China, visiting China, and studying China.

TPS Chins 2019 Participant Vlog

TPS China 2019 Participant Vlog (credit: Rose Zhang)

Past participants of the TPS China trip have said…

“This trip has changed my life in so many ways. Besides for the incredible cultural experiences and amazing Chinese food, (still crave those dumplings all the time) it has taught me so much. I’ve found a best friend in a team member, learned more about God’s calling for me, and left my heart on the other side of the globe. I guess the fact that I am counting down the days until I get to step into Chengdu for a third summer in a row proves how much I’ve loved being a part of this. I can’t wait to meet the team that God puts together in a few months and I am so very excited to see my blue team kids again.”

“Our trip leader couldn’t have done a better job of being both a prepared leader and a friend. She competently led us everywhere without any problems, and she listened and gave wonderful advice whenever any of us had any problems. When we sat around and laughed and joked, however, she always joined in. We all had a good time. Our team bonded really well, and by the time we left each other, it was like we were all family.”

“The lodging and the food was amazing, although the food could be very different from American food. The activities were FANTASTIC. Our time was always planned well, and the sights we saw were amazing. I would totally love to see them again.”

“The daily devotions and teaching were exceptionally thought-provoking. We always delved deep into the Gospel, and I always walked away thinking about what we learned. I would totally go back.”

“The people I met were amazing, the kids I connected with were awesome, and the sights I saw were magnificent. I will always think of my teammates and the kids I played with as family, and they will always hold a special place in my heart.”

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On our Facebook site, here are some photos from China 2019 (there are photos from prior trips too).

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